Tuesday, 23 May 2017



In the context of the national mandate under RTE to provide quality education to every child, by ensuring universal access, equity, universal retention and achievement, the Department of Education of West Bengal has launched a flagship program. With a new Computer Aided Learning (CAL) initiative of SSA, the Department of Education in West Bengal is seeking to fulfil the imperative of providing education that can engage the interest of every child, so that retention and learning can be ensured.

What is CAL?

CAL is an abbreviation of Computer Aided Learning and is one of the most commonly used acronyms within education. It is difficult to say exactly when the term “CAL” was first employed, however since the mid 1980s CAL has been increasingly used to describe the use of technology in teaching.

Computer Aided Learning is an integrative technology, which describes an educational environment where a computer program is used to assist the user in learning a particular subject. It refers to an overall integrated approach of instructional methods. Computer aided learning is a device/learning strategy to make teaching more interesting joyful and sustainable.


  • To make learning a joyful experience for students
  • To develop interest in learning concepts.
  • To enhance students’ achievement level through Computer Aided Learning.

 CAL Classroom set up

  • One Computer CPU with UPS.
  • One Projecter Machine
  • One Projecter Screen
  • Keyboard & Mouse
  • Colorful Furnitures


  1. my own idea matches with this digital classrooom concept.


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